The All-Union Research and Development Centre for Transportation Technology is a modern engineering centre that carries research and technology development work for the manufacture and maintenance of freight rolling stock.


The Centre is part of United Wagon Company, a Russian holding that engineers, manufactures and maintains rail freight cars with advanced technical and economic characteristics, and also provides lease services.


The Centre was set up in 2013 with the mission of designing and preparing manufacture of innovative, new generation freight cars and components with improved technical and economic indicators, increased axial load and load-per-unit-length, enhanced reliability and speed, and reduced service costs. Engineers at the Centre also work to reduce negative impact of rolling stock on rail track, and to improve the safety and throughput capacity of rail traffic.


The Centre brings together many of the best specialists in the industry, including more than 100 designers, engineers and researchers with experience working for the largest rolling-stock manufacturers in Russia and the CIS. The services provided by the Centre address the entire life-cycle of freight rolling stock.


The main activities of the Centre are:  


  • design of new and modernized freight cars, bogies and components;
  • implementation of projects for the creation of new product lines and the modernization of existing products;
  • operational support, and the design and implementation of repair technologies for freight cars and bogies;
  • support for projects to reduce the cost of products, optimize production processes apply new design solutions and materials, etc.